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The efforts of the Whitecaps Community Foundation can be seen through the multitude of programs that reach the West Michigan Community. Hundreds of thousands of West Michigan Whitecaps baseball tickets have been donated through our Reading Club as incentive to read, local non-profits gain exposure through our 50/50 program, and over 60,000 children have been given the chance to play baseball in Grand Rapids for free. Please read below for more information on how we continue to enrich the lives of families in West Michigan.

Our Programs

Below are the five core programs of the Whitecaps Community Foundation. These five programs are designed to help us achieve our mission of providing families and children access to social, education, and recreational programs.

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  • What People Are Saying…

    We are so appreciative of the support the Whitecaps Community Foundation has provided to the Mental Health Foundation over the years! The funds we raise during the sale of 50/50 raffle tickets helps to support our mental health education initiatives. Their staff has always been professional and great to work with!

    —Christy Buck, Executive Director, Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan

  • What People Are Saying…

    The experience that Healing with Hope and Happiness had with the WM Whitecaps’ Community Foundation 50/50 raffle was fantastic. We felt that the mission of our organization, which focuses on bringing happiness to children dealing with a chronic health situation was a great fit with the Whitecaps Community Foundation. We knew that running the raffle at a Whitecaps’ game would be a successful way to raise funds, but our experience during our evening at the ballpark was so much more. It turned into a team building activity with some healthy competition and a whole lot of fun interacting with the Whitecaps’ great fans! We met a lot of folks, introduced our organization to new people, raised some pretty easy money and got to award a fan with a nice check. We plan to apply to participate in the program and go back as often as the Whitecaps will have us!

    —Tony Neifert, Healing Hope and Happiness

  • What People Are Saying…

    First Steps Kent’s participation in the Whitecaps Foundation 50/50 raffle has been a welcomed boost for our Diaper Drive! Not only does the 50/50 raffle give us the opportunity to raise funds to purchase clean, disposable diapers for families in need, it also helps us bring more awareness to our community about “diaper need” and how everyone can get involved.

    —Great Start Parent Coalition of Kent County

  • What People Are Saying…

    Thank you to the Whitecaps Community Foundation for this opportunity to coach these awesome athletes. I feel truly blessed after coaching and cheering these kids on, and can’t wait to coach again in the future!

    —Coach Alan Driscoll

  • What People Are Saying…

    I decided to have my students participate in the West Michigan Whitecaps Reading Club last year. I chose this program because it sounded like a great incentive for my students. The Whitecaps made the program so easy to use and helped me by engaging my students with a rewarding incentive. One thing that really stood out to me was how simple they made this program for educators. I found this experience wonderful for my students. I would recommend the Whitecaps Reading Club to teachers who are looking for a great way to motivate their students to read! This program allowed my students to practice reading nightly all while earning a fun baseball game to go to as their reward.

    —Kelly Kenney, Hope Middle School

  • What People Are Saying…

    We have a very limited budget for extra frills and are very thankful for this program. Our residents are mostly wheelchair bound and we appreciate the accommodations of Fifth Third Ballpark to help all of them see the game. Without the kindness of our West Michigan neighbors and the Whitecaps, many of our residents may never experience something like what the Whitecaps offer.

    —Chuck Bedinger, David’s House Ministries

  • What People Are Saying…

    It’s amazing that our kids can get training from future Detroit Tigers all while helping a good cause!

    —Parent of youth clinic participant


Number of children who have participated in our Ted Rasberry Youth League since 1995.


Number of children who participated in our Reading Club in 2023.


Amount donated in 2023 through gifts in-kind, cash donations and in-stadium fundraising.