Reading Club FAQs

What is the Whitecaps Reading Club?

The Reading Club is an incentive-based program for children between the grade levels of kindergarten and sixth grade. The Whitecaps Community Foundation provides all support materials to schools at no cost to promote reading through the month of March. Students who complete the reading objective of 15 minutes per day during March is Reading Month will receive the opportunity to attend a West Michigan Whitecaps home game for FREE!

How can my child participate?

For the Whitecaps Reading Club that runs during March is Reading Month, local schools have the opportunity to opt into the program. If your child’s school has opted in, they will take care of the planning. There are two enrollment options that schools can choose from:
1.Group Enrollment: Schools may pick a date for their students to attend a Whitecaps game as a group outing.
– OR –
2.Individual Enrollment: If your child’s school chooses not to attend as a group, they can still participate in individual enrollment. Each student who completes the Reading Club as an individual will receive two free tickets to attend any home game that they desire, and additional tickets may be purchased at a discounted Reading Club rate.

If you are unsure if your child’s school has been contacted to participate in the Whitecaps Reading Club, please direct those questions to the school. If for some reason your child’s school has not heard of the Whitecaps Reading Club, please invite them to visit our site for more information!

If your child’s school has decided not to opt into the Whitecaps Reading Club this year, there may still be hope! Many libraries throughout the state participate in our Summer Reading Club, which functions similarly to the March is Reading Month program. Contact your local library to find out if they participate!

My child’s school is attending as a group, but my child cannot attend the date they have chosen. Can my child attend a different date?

Yes! If you would prefer for your child to attend a different date than their school’s group outing date, please ask your child’s teacher (or whoever is coordinating the event for the school) to enroll your child as an individual participant! We will take care of getting them the correct materials for individual enrollment.

What if the rest of the family wants to go, too?

If your child is attending as an individual, they will receive two free tickets for completing the Whitecaps Reading Club program. If you would like to purchase additional tickets for others to attend with your child, you will be able to do so at a discounted Reading Club rate! Please see your child’s Ticket Order Form for specifics.

How do we get our tickets?

Your child’s teacher will send them home with a Ticket Order Form for you to fill out. If your child’s school is going as a group and your child will not be attending with the group, be sure to let your child’s teacher know ASAP so that we can get you the correct Ticket Order Form (groups and individuals have slightly different forms to fill out).

If attending as a group, please have your child return their completed Ticket Order Form to their teacher. Teachers will compile the Ticket Order Forms and place their order with us. We will send the tickets back to the teachers, who will handle them from there.

If attending as an individual, you have a few different options for redeeming your tickets. You can…
1. Fill out the order form and mail it to us (with payment, if you choose to include extras)
– OR –
2. Fill out the order form and bring it to the LMCU Ballpark box office on the day of any home game you wish to attend
– OR –
3. Redeem your tickets online! Use the codes found at the bottom of the Ticket Order Form to redeem your two free tickets at If purchasing additional tickets, there will be a promo code to use in order to receive the Whitecaps Reading Club discount. A small service fee will apply for online redemption. See Ticket Order Form for details.