2024 ‘Caps Clinic and MLB Playball Weekend help get kids in the game!

This past week was a dream come true for young baseball fans across the West Michigan Community. The ‘Caps Youth Clinic and Play Ball Weekend brought together aspiring players, professional athletes, and fans of all ages for an unforgettable series of events at LMCU Ballpark and Ted Rasberry Field. Here’s a recap of the excitement and joy shared by everyone involved.

‘Caps Youth Clinic: A Two-Day Extravaganza

LMCU Ballpark hosted the 2024 ‘Caps Youth Clinic, spanning two days and featuring a total of 116 eager participants. Boys and girls aged 8-12 flocked to the ballpark, ready to learn and play.



  • Participants: 116 young athletes, ages 8-12, took part in the clinic.
  • Whitecaps Involvement: 25 Whitecaps players and staff members were actively engaged, providing top-notch instruction, joining in the fun, and even signing autographs for the kids.
  • Sponsors: The event was proudly sponsored by Milk Means More, ensuring the children stayed energized and ready for action.
  • Treats: After each day of hard work and fun, participants were treated to a classic ballpark meal of hotdogs, soda, and ice cream.

The clinic not only focused on skill development but also emphasized the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and enjoying the game. The interaction with professional players left a lasting impression on the kids, many of whom left with new heroes and dreams of one day playing in the big leagues.

Play Ball Weekend: Kicking Off the YMCA’s Ted Rasberry Youth Clinic

The excitement continued with the Play Ball Weekend, a key event in Major League Baseball’s nationwide initiative to promote youth engagement in baseball. The Whitecaps Community Foundation continued another season of support for the YMCA’s Ted Rasberry Youth Clinic, making it a memorable kickoff event.



  • Participants: 136 registered youth players made their way to Ted Rasberry Field for an afternoon full of fun.
  • MLB Donation: In a generous move, MLB donated over 150 youth bats and balls, ensuring that every child had the equipment needed to play and practice.
  • Special Guests: West Michigan Whitecaps Manager, Tony Cappuccilli, and Pitcher Gabe Sequeira were on hand to offer their expertise and inspiration to the young athletes.


The atmosphere was electric as kids ran the bases, practiced their swings, and honed their pitching skills. The donated equipment allowed them to continue practicing their new skills long after the event ended. Tony Cappuccilli and Gabe Sequeira shared invaluable tips and personal stories, motivating the children to pursue their baseball dreams.


A Weekend to Remember 

The ‘Caps Youth Clinic and Play Ball Weekend were more than just events; they were a celebration of community, sportsmanship, and the love of baseball. Both events provided young athletes with the opportunity to learn from the best, make new friends, and create lasting memories. The support of generous sponsors, Major League Baseball, and the Whitecaps Front Office Staff played a crucial role in making these events successful and impactful.

As we look back on this fantastic week, we are reminded of the power of sports to bring people together and inspire the next generation. Here’s to many more years of youth clinics, baseball weekends, and the continued growth of the sport we all love. Play ball!