Celebrating Community: The Last Two Weeks of 50/50 Raffles

Over the past two weeks, our 50/50 raffles have been more than just a game of chance. They’ve been a celebration of community, diversity, and giving back. We’re proud to highlight six fantastic organizations that have been at the heart of our recent raffles. Each has made a significant impact in their respective fields, and through your participation, we’ve been able to support their incredible work.

GR Pride Center

The GR Pride Center has long been a beacon of support and advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community in Grand Rapids. In our recent raffle, the center was a featured beneficiary, and the funds raised will help expand their educational programs, support groups, and community outreach initiatives. The GR Pride Center continues to be a safe and inclusive space where everyone can find acceptance and support.

Math Medic

Education is a cornerstone of progress, and Math Medic is dedicated to enhancing math education for students and teachers alike. By creating engaging and effective math resources, Math Medic aims to transform the way math is taught and learned. Our raffle contributions will support the development of new educational materials and training programs, helping students unlock their potential in mathematics.

A Kid Again

Bringing joy to children facing life-threatening conditions, A Kid Again provides memorable adventures for kids and their families. These experiences offer much-needed breaks from medical treatments and hospital visits, allowing families to create lasting memories together. The funds from our raffle will help A Kid Again continue to offer these adventures, spreading smiles and laughter to those who need it most.

GR Curling Club

The GR Curling Club is more than just a sports organization; it’s a community hub where people of all ages and backgrounds come together to enjoy the unique sport of curling. By promoting physical activity and camaraderie, the club fosters a spirit of teamwork and inclusivity. Our raffle proceeds will support the club’s efforts to expand their programs and introduce more people to the joys of curling.

AMA International

AMA International is committed to making a global impact through educational initiatives and community development projects. From building schools to providing scholarships, AMA International’s work spans across continents, bringing hope and opportunities to those in need. The raffle funds will assist in furthering these projects, ensuring that education and empowerment reach the most underserved communities.

Bissell Pet Foundation

Animal lovers will be thrilled to know that the Bissell Pet Foundation was one of our recent raffle beneficiaries. This foundation works tirelessly to reduce the number of animals in shelters through adoption, spay/neuter programs, and emergency support. The funds raised will help Bissell Pet Foundation continue their mission to find loving homes for every pet and promote responsible pet ownership.

A Community of Support

Each of these organizations represents a vital part of our community, and through your participation in our 50/50 raffles, we’ve been able to support their missions. The last two weeks have been a testament to the power of collective effort and the difference we can make when we come together for a common cause.

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in the raffles. Your generosity and enthusiasm are what make these initiatives possible. Stay tuned for more opportunities to support our community through upcoming 50/50 raffles. Together, we can continue to make a positive impact and celebrate the spirit of giving.